JK Outdoor Products - Night Vision Optics -Y-Adaptor
JK Outdoor Products - Night Vision Optics -Y-Adaptor

RCA video Y adaptor used to connect Nyte Vu Scope and Nyte Vu Goggles to a video recorder whether a pocket Digital Video Recorder (DVR), camcorder or any device that will record video in, allows your video footage as seen on the goggles to be saved for later viewing.


Nyte Vu digital night vision goggles are a revolutionary digital night vision goggle that uses the latest technology allowing you to see in total darkness

The Nyte Vu Scope™ accessory can convert any rifle scope into a total night vision scope with a distance of over 80 yards.
JK Outdoor Products - Sport VU Link Sport Vu™ is the worlds most universal Sport Video Cam (camcorder/camera) with a wide variety of mounting options.
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